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'There's room for everyone'

Melissa Sweeney serves as one of the NBHL's league directors, helping run the North Jersey Tier 2 division and the North Jersey/Philadelphia women's division. While the 29 year old balances a full time job and a pursuit of her second masters, she also prioritizes growing the sport of ball hockey. 

Growing up playing field hockey, she joined a co-ed floor hockey league in her native New Jersey. She'll likely be the only woman competing in the men's divisions in North Jersey, something she's used to at this point. Sweeney wants to increase those numbers, while raising attention to ball hockey in general.

"We just need to get a stick in people's hands," she says. Take a look at how Sweeney got involved with the NBHL, along with her efforts and goals.


Head on a Swivel: Melissa Sweeny represents a growing group of female ball hockey players.

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